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Registration is free and easy! You can also refer your friends and get an extra $5 in entries for every referral after their initial purchase.

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How to purchase

Call 1-866-842-1249
Email sales@jksweepstakes.com

How to Redeem Your Winnings

Before you receive your winnings we need a copy of your government identification. This is due to security reasons. Your info must match the info on your registration form. At any time your info changes we need to know to update our records. You will not receive your winnings without sending us a copy of your identification. We will only redeem winnings of $25 or more.


Please submit info below to redeem your prize. All redeems will now be sent by company check.

Winnings of over $499 with in 24 hr period are subject to IRS 1099 form. Winnings over $499 will be processed within 3-5 business days and subject to verification from software company. We are not responsible for glitches/mistakes from software provider or from any internet or computer issues from players computer. Only verified winnings will be paid.


Email registration: support, sales, cashier, jan, eric, shawn, jennifer@jksweepstakes.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login for the game software?
After you fill in the registration information, you will receive a login and password from our registration department
Do I have to redeem all my credits at once?
No you don’t. You may take any amount off whenever you want with the minimum being 25.
What is the time frame of having the credits on my account?
It may take up to 4 hours but most of the time you will have the credits within 1 hour.
Can I play from another computer?
Absolutely. Our systems are web-based so you can play on any computer. Please do not use on government computers or computers that you do not have permission.
Is there a limit on the number of people that I can refer to JK Sweepstakes?
Absolutely not. You can refer as many people to us as you want and yes we will give you 5 credits for each referral after their first purchase of 20 credits or more.
Is this legal?
Absolutely. Click on the Legal tab.
I’m not very good with a computer, can you help me?
Absolutely. Call us at 252-327-0641 or email our support department and we can help.
How can I play from home if I don’t have a computer or laptop?
Give us a call or email and we can get one for you, for the best price.
Do I have to use the login and password that you provide me?
No. You can at anytime request for a username and/or password change. Send email request to cashier@jksweepstakes
Is there a minimum amount of credits to redeem?
Yes. The minimum is 25.


Email sales department for more information on how you can start your own internet sweepstakes cafe.

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